Are you ready to focus on overcoming the challenges you are facing in marketing and positioning your business?


Are you a mid-size business or nonprofit facing the challenge of…

► falling short of your short-term or long-term goals
► taking longer than you want to achieve your revenue goals
► becoming stagnant in the planning and implementation of your goals

Are these challenges frustrating and disappointing because your company or organization…

► does not fully tap into or realize its potential
► falls short of delivering public value that can benefit others
► does not “REaP” the full benefits in prestige and prosperity

Are these marketing, positioning, and revenue-generating challenges related to a need for any of the following:

► strategic planning
► content creation and curation
► social media presence
► positioning in a Google search
► outreach and advocacy
► strategic partners and alliances
► funders and sponsors


  • We are committed to being entrepreneurial and creative in helping artists, non profits, and businesses sustain themselves and thrive.
  • We are committed to mapping a path for businesses, nonprofits & arts projects inspired by their mission and and guide them along the way to achieve their goals.

Guiding Principles

  • We will identify the means of supporting discreet projects and/or initiatives through the development of strategic alliances. We will reach out to potential resources in the local community, in the business sector, and all levels of government.
  • We will promote and parlay the indispensable symbiotic relationship between the artists, local nonprofits, educational programs, businesses, and government.
  • We are determined to help clients attract popularity, prosperity, and prestige — fans, friends, funds, and fame. We help define and disseminate the uniquely compelling story about our clients, transforming their vision to value so they “REaP” the benefits of their hard work.


  • Strategic Planning,
  • Public Relations,
  • Advocacy,
  • Evaluations,
  • Marketing and Outreach,
  • Fundraising
  • Events Management

About Roberto Ragone

If you are a mid-size to large company or nonprofit with a budget for marketing, pubic relations, and branding – and strategic planning for these matters – then you’ll want to know Roberto Ragone.

If need someone who can craft effective and engaging content and get it positioned optimally where it needs to be seen for your audience to transact with you, then you’ll want to know Roberto Ragone.

Roberto Ragone has over 25 years of experience in government and non-profits, working in education, criminal justice, urban infrastructure, and arts and culture. He has worked on business development and cultural tourism in New York City, and has held the position as the Executive Director of two Business Improvement Districts. Roberto was President and Publicist for FIERI, an organization of college students and young professionals interested in social, networking, and cultural activities.

Now, as a consultant in the area of entrepreneurship and consulting, he focuses on technology, digital marketing, public relations, and strategic planning for medium to large businesses.

Roberto’s expertise in developing digital marketing strategies, technology and strategic planning for public relations allow him to help businesses develop new strategic plans for the fast pace digital world.

His passion for the arts extends to his creative side as an actor, writer, and producer.