What is Content marketing?

It is the creation of written, video, audio, or other content by a brand
with the goal of garnering an audience or attention and establishing authority within a market.

Content marketing has proven, over the last couple of years, to be
outpacing its more traditional media buy and advertising counterparts in
terms of engagement with audiences and, ultimately, conversions.

That said, not everyone gets it right, and some people have yet to start
actually creating a content marketing plan for their brand.

Here is a few ways you can audit any content marketing strategy before you
put it out in order to give it the best chance of success.

1) Make sure your target audience really, truly cares.

One of the biggest mistakes that brands make with content marketing is
that they use their content as an extended ad for their product or
service. The content itself delivers little value to the reader and
doesn’t actually set them up to be any more knowledgeable on a topic or
in a better position to solve their problems than before they read it.

Content marketing is about giving, and as such you should always place
yourself in your target market’s shoes while writing. Empathize with them! Lead with value!  Ask yourself  questions like:

– If I were in this market, would this content be useful to me, or
does it just sound like someone trying to convince me to buy something?

– Is this genuinely interesting?

– Is this written like it’s honest and coming from someone who is
knowledgeable on the topic?

2) Can your content make it big out there?

Take into consideration those  elements that make a piece of content go
viral or stand out from the rest in terms of how much it gets shared
around with others.  For example, is the information helpful or inspiring?

In content marketing, learning to leverage your existing audience to
spread your work exponentially to their own contacts and followers is key.
In general, a few key items will help you achieve this with a piece of content:

– A title that is intriguing and clicky, but stays true to the
content that’s on the other side.

– A piece that shows  so much work, care, diligence, and time that it stands out
as a resource above all others. This is why, for example, list articles
get super high counts (e.g. “99 ways to share your content!”); they can get
shared hundreds or thousands of times.

– Have you designed imagery for promoting the content (and not necessarily a product, service, or cause)? Posts with images catch attention and perform substantially better.

So you’ll want to design an image corresponding to the social media platform or thumbnail images for social sharing, even if your content itself is not visual. (The topic may not evoke a specific image so you need to find an image(s) that symbolize what you’re talking about.)

3) Can you hustle?

Content marketing is a numbers game, and those numbers are, largely,
hours. Not only will you put in hours to create content that resonates
and delivers, you’ll need to think about your distribution strategy.
This means manually posting to Facebook groups, Google+, Twitter,
LinkedIn, Reddit, etc.

The alternative is to outsource this work.

Develop a distribution plan by starting broad and then narrowing in on the channels  and platforms that are delivering results after a few releases. You can weigh where are you getting the most traction (momentum and engagement) for the time you put in.

Most likely, this is a multiple month long process, but
content marketing in general is about playing the long game.

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Thank you!

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