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3 Reasons Not to Ignore Importance of Search Engine Optimization for Your Business and What to Do

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(This post was originally published as a LinkedIn Pulse article.)

Do you have a website?

Is that website Search Engine Optimized?

What’s Missing in the Search Engine Optimization  of Your Business? 

Can you afford to ignore this, especially since SEO is always changing?

SEO Doesn’t Look Like It Did Last Year!

A perfect search engine optimization (SEO) strategy has been the stuff of dreams since, well, the beginning of search engines. Since that time, SEO has gone over so many facelifts and iterations, the process itself seemed to completely reinvent what it meant to maintain SEO “best practices.” As recently as a couple years ago, “link building” was hailed as and crowded King of SEO; link building networks found themselves in high demand.

The trend of providing SEO work became about ‘tricking’ the search engines, particularly Google. Meanwhile, the goal of most search engine companies haven’t really changed in two decades: Google and its competitors simply want to provide the best, most relevant search experience for their users. This is what keeps a searcher coming back for more. Over time, they’ve perfected their search
algorithms to better achieve this goal by excluding results which try to game the system.

More and more, working in SEO means becoming proficient in a larger number of tasks than ever before in order to guarantee Google’s good graces and a fine outcome: a given website’s presence on page one in a search (preferably towards the top of page one). In fact, Google search and Google rankings have coopted the metaphor of the real estate industry: “Location, location, location! Is your real estate on page one?”

Fast forward to 2015:  

What Three Factors Are Unwise to Ignore for SEO for Your Website

1) If you want to be working on SEO in 2015, you’d better know how to write or obtain great content.

More and more now, SEO services (and thus SEO positions) require someone who can create the actual content that will help to populate, update, and keep web properties valuable.

This means that being able to write blog posts, scripts videos, create
images in Photoshop, and more should be in the CV skill list. Let’s
face it, SEO now is an aggregate of other tasks and companies aren’t
looking to pay four different salaries to get these tasks accomplished when
one ambitious employee with some versatile know-how can make it happen.

2) You also need to be a strong team leader.

This is more true if you’re working in a brick and mortar company than if you’re doing SEO for your own blog, but it’s still relevant to enterprises of any size. A large part of an SEO expert’s job is educating others. Because content creation, social engagement, and more all tie into SEO these days, it’s important that everyone on a team have a basic working knowledge of what SEO is and how you seek to achieve it.

The leader’s job (and the employer if not the same person)
is to help instill SEO into workplace culture so that employees
are keeping search engine impact in mind when they work on their own
projects. Even if you’re a solo marketer working from home, instilling
SEO smarts in any freelancers you hire or business partners you might be
taking on can be invaluable.

3) You should also need to apply a variation of a line from the baseball movie, Field of Dreams: If you “attract” links, they will come.

In the “old” days, it seemed to be that everyone was preaching about the “building” of links.

What should have emphasized  is “attracting” them.

People were spamming sites, blogs, and forums (regardless of relevance), in an attempt to create backlinks to their own site.

They were gaming search engines by emphasizing quantity over quality.

That game is over!

Quality backlinks now matter!

They prevailed!

Your Google rankings are rewarded by backlinks on relevant, reputable, and riveting sites revved up with traffic.

(Note:  Another set of  “Three R’s” [four if you include “revved”] in a new context  – and a logical complement to the traditional Three R’s: “readin,'” “ritin,” “ritmetic.”)

Now, more people are catching on, and so should you. Create content that is so good it has to be shared, and make good use of social channels. Your goal should be to attract links from other people who want to re-post and talk about your content – what was once limited to syndication is now expanded into the entire arena of social media.

And finally, always keep your eyes peeled for the next trend. The most
successful SEO’ers don’t chase waves after they crest. They ride them as
they form.

If your websites are WordPress blogs, you may want to look into the “SEO
Pressor” WordPress plugin that helps with Google ratings for your blog.

Check it out now by clicking HERE.

Thank you.

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