3 Steps to Make Sure Your “Growth Hacking” Becomes Effective Marketing (Part 2 of 2)

Growth Hacking is Not the Act of Copying

The absolute biggest mistake that marketers starting out with a growth hacking campaign make is that they look at what worked for others and copy that strategy exactly. If it worked for them, it can work for me.


Not necessarily.

While you should of course look at successful growth hacking campaigns for inspiration, you should never fall into the trap of directly copying someone else’s approach.

So what is the distinction?

Let’s say you are in the business of selling products to graphic designers. Why would you copy a growth strategy or social media approach for a multinational retailer?
Doing so does your own brand a disservice. Of course, you can analyze their approach to see what the key factors in their success are, but you absolutely must tailor those considerations for your own benefit.

You should consider

• what your resources are

• what clearly worked in a strategy

• what your own strengths are and

• how can you best adapt these approaches for your own benefit.

The key here is not to copy someone else’s approach, but to adapt the appropriate techniques that suit your own business and market.

1) Leverage Knowledge as a Strength

Taking the example above of a company selling products to graphic designers, what are the inherent strengths of that company? You would assume the products are a strength, but what about specific knowledge of the market? Such a company is going to know quite a bit about what graphic designers want, what they need and what they are looking for. This knowledge can be integrated into any growth hacking strategy, in both the design and content of any work that is used in the campaign.

This approach is a great starting point for any company or marketer looking to leverage their own strengths in launching a growth hacking strategy. Start off by identifying the strengths that you possess, which invariably will involve specialized knowledge of your field or niche. With that in mind, conduct research not into what is being said by your competitors, but what is not being said. By isolating what you can offer that your competitors aren’t, you can create a distinct competitive advantage for yourself.

2) Leverage Skill as a Strength

It is also worth considering not only what knowledge you possess that you can leverage, but what inherent skills you can utilize. Are you a good writer? Are you strong with graphics? Have you copywriting experience? Try and combine your specific knowledge base with your individual skills to create a vehicle for driving your growth strategy.

Many people consider social media the be all and end all for growth hacking, but there are other avenues. Niche discussion forums can be an excellent place for establishing yourself as an authority, and that reputation can generate huge amounts of goodwill. Similarly, existing customers signing up to a referral program can offer a higher percentage of conversions than blanket social media exposure.

3) Leverage Persistence through Adaptation as a Strength

Ultimately, you should always remember to play to your strengths. Don’t copy the approach of another, but don’t be afraid to identify the strengths of someone else’s approach. Remember what you know, and don’t be afraid to acknowledge what you don’t know. By sticking to those things that you are strong at, you can inspire confidence in those that come across your work. Be persistent, be clever.

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