Doing Content the “Write” Way

One of the most frustrating things to encounter is someone who has fantastic knowledge, innovative thoughts, or a tremendous idea that they want to share with their audience, but their limp writing lets them down. We’ve all seen it, and we’ve all been guilty of it. Poor writing can be a success killer. Offering value to your audience is only beneficial if your audience is actually captivated and engaged with your writing!

Fortunately, there are a number of simple tricks you can put into practice that can turn even the drabbest of articles into a piece that grabs your readers by the scruff of the neck and doesn’t let go until they’ve read every word! Use these tricks, and you will leave your readers begging for more.

1) Be Creative

If you are writing an article that offers value, chances are you have an expertise in your field, even if you do not consider yourself a complete expert. (After all, learning is life-long.)

Advance your credibility with creativity. Get creative in how you share your information. You can use real life examples to illustrate your point. If appropriate, you can use humor throughout the piece to engage and delight. Put character into your writing – readers should get a sense of who you are from your writing!

Don’t be afraid to put your own stamp on your ideas. Have a concept or way of doing something that is unique to you? Give it a name!

Brilliant writing isn’t always about perfectly structured sentences, but about content that makes the reader want to keep reading. If your personality, or the personality you are trying to convey, isn’t coming across in your writing, then it might be worth revising your piece.

2) Be an Authority

There are two ways of writing with authority; writing with conviction to convey authority, and writing with sources that prove your authority. You want to do both.

Using sources to legitimize your opinions if a wonderful way of establishing trust with readers. Referencing independent sources that support your conclusions gives the reader an automatic belief in everything you say. Hell, even the fact that you’ve gone to the effort of finding a source will make you stand out from most!

Writing with conviction to convey authority is more difficult, but it is simply a case of practice. If you know what you are saying to be accurate, don’t shy away from saying so with absolute conviction. Readers will want to believe in you. Give them a reason to.

3) Know Your Audience

You should always tailor your writing style to the people that are going to be reading your content. For example, if you are putting an article on your blog detailing a recent experience, try to write in short snappy sentences that are easily digestible. On the other hand, if you are writing a detailed how to guide, take the time to be more detailed and precise with your wording.

Always put yourself in the reader’s shoes. Why are they on your site? What did they come here to find? Knowing that, what kind of article are they expecting to read?

Follow these simple tips, and you will start to see progress.

4) Proofread for Revisions

Revision is king when it comes to engaging content – it should flow naturally, but first drafts are rarely perfect!

Proofreading is a skill that is often misunderstood. At its most basic, it involves reading your work for spelling or grammatical errors. However, when proofing, you also need to be an editor.

This means checking on how the whole piece flows. You are monitoring whether the structure of your copy seems smooth or disjointed. You are checking to see whether your sentences read seamlessly or whether any sentences feel wordy, halting, clumpy, or clunky.

You are looking at whether they can be rephrased in a more concise and elegant way. Ultimately, you are critically analyzing your work for any issues, major or minor, that detract from the overall message.

Be creative, be authoritative, and write for your audience. Let it flow. It’s that simple!

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