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You can increase traffic to your website in one of two ways:.

  • improve your page rankings on the search engine results for your keywords.
  • improving your click-through-rate (CTR).

Most Internet marketers focus on the first approach. But improving CTR
can provide you with huge results.

Over the years, many effective ways have emerged to increase
CTR, some of which yield better results than others. Here are the five
that are easy and provide huge results very quickly:

1. Reconfigure the Work of Others
A lot of marketers are allergic to the idea of paying for online traffic. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have anything to learn from the people who do buy ads for traffic.

People who pay for traffic spend a lot of time and money testing their ads to make sure they get the optimal results. Consequently, they develop ads that are fully optimized.

You can swoop in and mirror their optimized copy. You can use their optimized copy as a model or frame of reference for your own.

Because Google Ads are limited to the number of characters they
can contain, it’s highly likely that the keywords included by paid marketers in the ads perform best and get the most conversions (i.e. responses to a call to action).

2. Copy from Competitors who Use SEO Strategies

As long as you are mirroring your competitors’ paid ads, why stop
there? You also can gain insights from the copy of your most successful competitors through their use organic SEO strategies.

Look to see which keywords and phrases they are using. What benefits or
features do they highlight? Then use them within your copy where applicable.

This helps avoid reinventing the wheel.

3. Tickle Your Customer’s Curiosity

Curiosity may have caused billions of web users to click through on links because they were dying to find out what happened next.

In fact, this is a strategy you see all the time on social media sites such as Facebook. Marketers will post something like, “A Woman in Texas Stopped to Give a Dollar to a Homeless Man on the Street. You’ll Never Guess What Happened Next…Wow!”

This may be an overused trope, but it’s overused because it works. Try other clickbait phrases in your meta descriptions like this to exploit people’s natural curiosity. Other phrases include:

– “Find Out How x”

– “What You Do If x ”

– “Discover the Amazing Way x”

– “Have You Ever Wondered What Would Happen If x”

4. ‘Features Tell, but Benefits Sell’

This is a phrase that is as old as advertising itself. People aren’t interested in the facts and statistics about what they are buying. What they really want to know is what it can do to make their life better.

Start your ads with benefits. Features like how much something weighs, how big it is, how long it lasts, and so on, should only be included if they drive the story you are trying to tell. If they don’t, leave them out.

In your descriptions, include benefits phrases like “Make More Money by Doing x” or “Lose Weight and Feel Great with x”

5. People Love Numbers

Getting clicks is easier when you use numbers in your descriptions. That’s because people believe something is more factual if you quantify it.

For example, which would you be more likely to click on?:

– Learn How to Improve Your Click-Through Rate

– 5 Ways to Increase Click-Through Rates with Killer Descriptions

Of course once you get the click, you still have to SELL your product, service or cause (e.g. for non-profits), or get them to respond to a given call to action. And to do this, you need a great hook!

People are more likely to be drawn in by a story rather than facts and figures. If you feel you still haven’t developed the perfect HOOK for your product, service, or cause, then you may need a storytelling approach.

As an example, you can learn how a dead-broke stand-up comic turned a simple joke-telling formula into a sales hook and how you can use it to get buy in from your customers, clients, or constituents.

To Check out the 60 Second Sales Hook, click the link here.

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