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Why You MUST Pay Attention To Podcasting!

We all know that podcasts are nothing new. These web-hosted, episodic radio show type broadcasts have been around for roughly a decade now. So perhaps it was difficult to foresee that they would have just soared back into popularity like they have.

The time that has passed since podcasts have developed as a medium and listener/viewer expectations have grown means that anyone who wants to standout these days hosting a podcast is going to have to try a little harder in order to make a splash.

Let’s take a look at how you can turn your personal brand(s) into the
splashiest of podcast.

1) Dig into topics that you can really dominate.  What are you so passionate and knowledgeable about that you’ll want to and be able to invest more hours each day focus in on than anyone else in your podcast? (Hint: You may like it so much it may not feel like work.)  What part of your business do you feel you’d be strongest at executing and at making the most significant impression on someone  who is newer to the journey in terms of education and experience.

2) Once you’ve honed in on something you can do well, start thinking about how you could be make it interesting to others. For most people, podcasts start out as a series of videos or recordings where they simply talk about what they know. As long as you’re personable and can pull that off with some enthusiasm, then you’re likely to be effective and can develop a competitive edge in showcasing yourself.  However, once you get several
episodes deep, even the most prolific thinkers might get a mental block about what to talk about.

3) Use the Q&A approach. If you’ve built up a little subscriber base, ask or feedback:

a) ask them to tell you what they want to know
b) ask how you can help with the problems they’re facing, etc.
c) ask them what kind of tutoring, training, and coaching they are looking for

4) You can create themed episodes in which you do a giant fast paced knowledge-dump of everything  you’ve got on a certain topic. Give them wide knowledge about the topic and get them curious about digging deeper.  Or give them deep knowledge about a component. Either way, leave them wanting more.

5) Keep your show interesting at all costs.  Look at what else exists in your market, and make your content the obvious choice or alternative.

6) Leverage that this revival is about the use of diverse media. In the
early days, podcasts were often audio-based and lived in itunes, embedded in webpages, or even on platforms like Soundcloud and the like. Now, many podcasts come in video form. It’s not a necessity, but it does give you broader options for presenting your show. (Video marketing is said to have a 400% higher conversion rate one’s call to action. Even if you stick to audio format, take advantage of promotional graphics and logos to pique interest for your podcast.

7) Become memorable through the use of a catchy intro or jingle.Don’t make music? Don’t write jingles? No problem, just grab a freelancer.  Fiverr, Upwork (formerly Elance-oDeskO), and Freelancer are alright to begin with, but with a bit of searching you can find specialists ready to spice up your show’s intro without breaking the bank. There’s a reason advertisements have had jingles for decades: They get stuck in your head, and, along with them, comes brand recall.

8) Ensure good audio (and video, if applicable) quality. You can do this on a budget.  For most audio podcasts, you can achieve a professional sounding setup for less than $100. Grab a quality USB mic (The ‘Snowball’ and other iterations by Blue are considered really excellent).

9) Once you’ve got your recording, learn a bit about how to make your voice sound nice and rich using a free program like Audacity.  When you launch your podcast, try to have several episodes already recorded so you can schedule and frontload them and create a pattern for listeners to follow that will hook them  from day one.

Or, for a software that makes it super easy to get started podcasting
today, even with no experience, check out Audello software now by clicking HERE.

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