REaP will identify the means of supporting discreet projects and/or initiatives through the development of strategic alliances with resources in the local community, in the business sector and all levels of government.

Consulting on a project, I will promote and parlay the indispensable symbiotic relationship between the artists, local nonprofits, educational programs, businesses, and government to help “REaP” the benefits of hard work.

My clients range from grass roots or neighborhood based organizations, nonprofits comment business owners to individuals artist, entertainers, authors, and supporters of the cultural sector. Client also include industry peers ( e.g. independent consultants, teams, or firms) who work on arts and entertainment projects. (Also, see clients section.)


Client Sector and Industries

  • Cultural programming, commerce, and tourism
  • Arts, culture, and entertainment related nonprofit organizations and associations
  • Arts -, culture -, and entertainment – related start ups and established businesses
  • Artists, entertainers, and artistic productions
  • Industry peers ( independent consultants, teams, or firms)


REaP Clients

  • Non-profit organizations and associations
  • Start ups and established businesses
  • Government and elected officials
  • Artist, entertainers, and artistic productions
  • Industry peers  (e.g. independent consultants, teams, or firms)


REaP Goals

REaP is committed to working with clients to:

  • Envision and design viable productions and programming
  • Discover and disseminate the uniquely compelling story about artists and entertainers
  • Gain supporters for the client’s vision from government and community stakeholders and opinion makers
  • Uncover new opportunities to win over loyal “consumers” and motivated fans
  • Build collaborations based on mutual interest to achieve shared goals


REaP Services

  • Evaluation of Prior Productions

    • Illuminate successes and challenges in prior productions, performing comparative review
    • Formulate and analyze performance measures
    • Elicit recommendations for carrying out the client’s vision illuminate
  • Strategic Planning, Development, Advocacy, and Partnerships

    • Articulate an informed master plan for promoting artists and entertainers (incorporating any evaluation of prior productions)
    • Securing funding or in-kind donations from government, private, and nonprofit sources
    • Connect with government and community stakeholders to underscore the benefits of a client’s vision
    • Mount advocacy effort while fostering government and community relations
    • Monitor and facilitate client matters related to stakeholder relationships
  • Public Relations and Marketing

    • Create and target thematic messages
    • Counsel on layout and art work with designers, printers, and other subcontractors
    • Chart out and navigate marketing and promotional strategies
    • Craft, pitch, and distribute statements and press releases “to spread the word”
    • Construct talking points of the local political leaders, opinion makers, “stakeholders” (e.g. local organizations), and “constituents” (e.g. fan base) are working “from the same page”
  • Program and event production

    • Secure approvals for events on property under New York City government jurisdiction
    • Design, execute, and host events or programs that help showcase the client’s vision


The Value/Benefits of REaP

The benefits of our services are defined uniquely for each client, ranging from:

  • More numerous and enthusiastic audiences from effectively targeted demographics
  • More committed supporters advancing the client’s vision
  • Larger and more diverse fan base
  • Pervasive exposure and visibility through media and word of mouth
  • More energized social media
  • Reliable inflow of funds and other resources
  • Successful crowd sourcing campaigns
  • Reliably and consistently professional productions
  • Reputable production value
  • Forged alliances and coalitions
  • Savings in time, money, and other resources to client for strategic use


Sampling of REaP clients

A sampling of my consulting services include:

  • Fundraising and marketing on production team to bring play, “Final Analysis,” from Off-Off Broadway to Off Broadway (Client: Villar-Hauser Theatre Development Fund)
  • Promoted the film “Ciao America” and leverage the film to identify investors for the “Miracle of Ferragosto” Film Project. 
  • Associate Produced West Coast Premier of one-woman play, “A Brooklyn Love Story;” undertook promotional and fundraising strategies through social media and an event in Manhattan’s Little Italy.
  • Led marketing and indiegogo fundraising campaign for the publication of “Trinacria: A Tale of Bourbon Sicily.” (Clients: Anthony DiRenzo – author, professor; The Italian Cultural Foundation at Casa Belvedere; Guernica Editions)
  • Carried out strategies to promote “Shut Up, Sit Down and Eat,” America’s First Plomedy, which combines stand up comedy in a play (Client: Shut Up, Sit Down and Eat, Productions)
  • Undertook outreach and marketing, to garner support for the 2nd Annual Gran Fondo New York cycling competition and position the event as a prominent New York City activity. (Clients: Connelly McLaughlin & Woloz; Gran Fondo New York)