REaP –  Ragone Enterprises and Productions:

With a focus on projects in the arts REaP will identify the means of supporting discreet projects and/or initiatives through the development of strategic alliances with resources in the local community, in the business sector and all levels of government.

Consulting on a project, I will promote and parlay the indispensable symbiotic relationship between the artists, local nonprofits, educational programs, businesses, and government to help “REaP” the benefits of hard work.


RSaI –   Ragone Strategies and Initiatives:

Ragone Strategies and Initiatives focuses on all types of business and non-profit development, including the business models of individual arts and arts organizations. Ragone Strategies and Initiatives is my advisory for businesses, nonprofits & arts projects on identification of potential clients and strategic use of target marketing and online initiatives.

Through broad strategic planning, fundraising and marketing, I convey an organization’s mission (or project’s goals) and engage partners in concrete actions. With a vast network of contracts in the arts and business community, I grow the base of support for organizations and initiative and connect them with the resources they need to fully achieve their goals.