Anthony Di Renzo
Associate Professor, Writing at Ithaca College

The future survival of the arts will depend on entrepreneurs and consultants like Roberto Ragone, who use target marketing and online initiatives to build what he calls ‘cultural capital.’ Roberto’s center of operations may be Manhattan, but his vision and outreach are truly international.

Roberto served as the marketing and development consultant for my historical novel ‘Trinàcria: A Tale of Bourbon Sicily.’ Guernica Editions, an independent press in Toronto, Ontario, wanted to publish my manuscript, but its government funding does not extend to non-Canadian authors. Roberto, however, made the book a reality. Working tirelessly behind the scenes, he found a sponsor, arranged strategic press coverage in Sicily and the United States, organized a crowdsourcing campaign on Indiegogo, and held a live fundraising event in New York’s Little Italy.

In all, Roberto raised well over our original goal, to pay for the book’s editing, production, and distribution. Roberto certainly earned and embodied his own motto: ‘Transforming Vision to Value.’ Roberto consistently meets this goal through three strengths:

  1. Advocacy: Capable and energetic, Roberto has undertaken a variety of activities related to cultural education. As his track record shows, he excels at arranging a mutually beneficial collaboration for all parties involved. Through synergy, he teaches businesses and organizations how to do well by doing good.
  1. Versatility: Like a modern version of a traditional impresario, Roberto stylishly wears many hats. His attention to thematic detail explains why Roberto’s campaigns are so engaging and effective.
  1. Passion: Roberto only takes on projects that he believes in, immersing himself in their goals and objectives. That includes his grass-roots efforts to advance dignified portrayals of the Italian experience. As a cultural consultant, Roberto treats the internet like an 18th-century Neapolitan coffeehouse: a high-octane exchange of art and ideas mediated through personal and professional networks.

If you seek an exciting, productive partnership that will enrich your mind as well as your organization, hire consultant Roberto Ragone. His philosophy and approach are reshaping the arts, re-energizing businesses, and rebuilding communities.