How to Commit and Remain Committed to an Internet Marketing Strategy and its Potential Benefits

Remember when you first made the decision to dip your toe or  immerse yourself into internet marketing?

Maybe you’ve even felt the rush of quitting your 9-to-5 in favor
of starting off on a venture where success or failure rest squarely on
you alone, where earning potential is virtually unlimited and the possibilities seem endless.

It’s an exciting moment,to be sure… but are you still excited?

Far too many marketers burn out. They get discouraged as they hit a ceiling, or maybe they just get bored in their routine. Whatever the reason, it’s always important to have a few tools for getting out of the current rut.

The biggest obstacles are always mental: While you want to be constantly learning and becoming more knowledgeable from your experiences, you don’t want to be frozen in learning mode, experience paralysis, or lose sight of your original vision and mindset.

There’s a talent to learning from experiences, including your failures, without letting them make you discouraged or completely cynical.

1) Develop and Sustain Emotional Recall About Your “Why”:  Remember how excited you were to be your own boss? Remember how excited you were to bring your business / product / vision to the world?  Or do you ever imagine becoming an autonomous owner / director / entrepreneur?

Good. Now be that person again.

2) Structure Your Day Strategically According to Your Own Rhythms: Of course, it also helps if you’ve got the concrete routines and systems in place to help foster such mindsets. Often, the hardest part about  working for yourself is, well, making yourself work. Having a strict daily schedule in place can help you stay on task.

Many pros use their first few actions of the day as a psychological trigger and launching pad for the rest of the day. For example, you might begin each day by
doing a 30 second speed organizing of your workplace, then a 5 minute
email blitz, followed by brewing your morning cup of coffee. Repeating
your process each day can get you in the mood to work.

Alternatively, because most people are most creative in the morning, it’s a good time to free write a draft of a blog, report, script or other content you had scheduled to compose.  Or you can begin by free writing non-sense  just to clear your head and then let that lead you to the purposeful writing.

3) Don’t be afraid to delegate early on in order to expand. Sometimes, you’re starting off with next to nothing and have to do the grunt work for a while, but even someone with the smallest of starting capital (or none at all) should be looking to move to delegation and expansion as soon as possible.

A couple of years ago, article/content marketing was huge. The people who made a substantial living off of it, however, weren’t writing the articles those articles on a day basis. Instead, these people who prospered actually quickly hired a writing and website team under them to allow for rapid growth. Or perhaps they started a large writing outfit to cater to the marketers working with
content volume. Either way, they were running a business beyond

In a business, you work toward hiring and expanding. Take stock of your resources, and look at which tasks can be quickly contracted to freelancers to help give you more time to plan company growth. For many, the first task to go is content creation. For others, it might be SEO efforts. Whatever isn’t
exciting to you and is within budget to hire out, do it.

4. Adopt, Adapt, Adept.  This three-A mantra was an expression I learned in a history class in high school describing 19th century Japan’s attitude towards modernization to compete with the Western Powers. The manta works well in the context of resilient marketing.  So don’t be afraid to pivot and acclimate.

You may have started your marketing venture two years ago. A lot changes in two years these days. Constantly be learning, researching, and ensuring that your own methods are still considered best practices today. Don’t interchange the concept of “being comfortable” and “arriving.”  Though it can mean alignment with what is optimal, being comfortable often means your stuck in a zone that doesn’t serve you and you could stagnate. Never assume you arrive since you are always striving.

5.  Make Plans.   The key to making your vision of an internet marketing approach and strategy a sustainable and profitable reality is setting a goal and  working on your “highest value” tasks everyday –  the tasks that are most directly related to generating revenues.  The opposite of “highest value” tasks are those related to routine management and administration.

Where do YOU spend your time?

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Thank you!

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