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Four Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Fails and What to do Before Next Year

We sometimes bombard and feel bombarded. I’ve put together some tips on how to be more strategic and surgical in your marketing and communication. I hope this can serve you personally or professionally.

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Content Marketing: An Overview

Are you looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of getting your message across? Do you have business, non-profit or personal project where this is necessary? Then you need to care about content marketing!

It’s the information and knowledge you convey, primarily online these days, to build trust, offer value, and get someone to take action to advance your goals.

And if you’re unfamiliar with it, then get ready for 2015 by learning from the mistakes of others. Content marketing is here to stay, so if you’re not paying attention to it closely, it’s high time you start.

And if you’re already doing content marketing, then, decreasing the amount of “content marketing failures” in your campaigns could be the most important thing moving forward into 2015.

The Four Most Common Reasons Content Marketing Fails

1. Overfeeding. We all know that targeted marketing efforts can be very effective when used correctly, but people still encounter difficulties. For instance, some marketers just can’t scale their news and blogs down to a readable amount. They try to tell everything at once. The result: too much information to digest. None have the details needed to nourish prospective supporters of their cause. You want them to offer their resources in appreciation.

• Cast a net.
• Target.
• Catch only the fish you need.
• Leave some in the water.
• Share nourishing, digestible amounts.
• Enjoy the additional trips to the sea.

2. Over-promoting. Does anyone remember when George Costanza on Seinfeld tries to breaks off an engagement? He tells her “It’s not you. It’s me.” That may also be the problem with your content marketing. While you personally add value, you can’t just blab on about yourself. You’re not the only bridesmaid!

• It’s not you! It’s them!
• Sprinkle your self-promotion in wisely.
• Let your customers/constituents/clients see for themselves the value of your wisdom.

3. Being inattentive to the “buyer.” As in the case of the inattentive lover, if you don’t understand who you’re courting (e.g. a donor or an audience base), then their “love and support” will go unrequited. You won’t connect with them because you won’t have the right message or the right way of saying that message. And they may leave you for someone else.

• Cater to them. Let your activities and goals come across like their favorite chocolates, flowers, meal, and beverage.
• Give them content appealing to their interests so they’ll interact with you. After all, you also want something out of this relationship!
• And they’ll “share you” with others on social media or through word of mouth. Find out how and where they share.
• And don’t forget to tell them you love them with a thank you note in the morning.

4. Bad content. Some content marketing fails because it just plain deserves to fail. Nobody wants to read regurgitated, and boring copy.
• Put out fresh, innovative content that draws them in and keeps them reading.


Know your weaknesses. If you can’t get some good content out there, hire someone who can do it for you. Spending on some copywriting firm isn’t an option for many keeping their costs down and their ROIs up, Look for freelancers that can churn out some original content for fairly cheap. Check out fiverr.com or odesk.com. And if you are a writer, take a new perspective (with your expertise) on popular or trending topics.

You can’t know everything. And you don’t have the time to find out what, where, and how to learn what you need.

And you certainly want some time for yourself and quality of life!

Among other things, I can help with your content marketing by:
• discerning your message
• defining your theme
• disciplining your execution
• developing an interdisciplinary perspective

I have over 25 years experience in government, non-profits, and businesses. So I can find the appropriate framework for expressing your goals, issues and solutions — your story.

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