How “Guest Blogging” Can Generate Tribes and Transactions…and Overcome the Isolation of Running Your Business

 Here’s a more complete way to ask the question:

How can “Guest Blogging” as a Relationship Marketing Strategy Generate Contacts, Prospects, and Sales…and Help Overcome the Isolation or Running Your Business or Pursuing Your Cause?

The Value of Content Marketing

Content marketing may be a buzzword on many people’s lips these days, but those in the know have been making the most of content marketing for years.

As with many online marketing trends, big industry seems to be the last to catch on, and it’s no different here. Traditional media are only now catching up to what some people have known for a long time – content marketing is the way to go.

The core principle behind content marketing is the very reason that it is so successful; you must offer value to people before you can ask for it in return. That foundation is something that any marketer worth their salt already knows, but putting principles into practice can sometimes prove difficult.

The Value of Relationship Marketing and Guest Posting as an Example

When people hear the term “relationship marketing”, they often make the jump to the provider – consumer relationship.

While this is true, relationship marketing can also refer to the process whereby you work with another party in a mutually beneficial manner. When considering content marketing, this can often take the form of guest posting.

Running and maintaining your own blog is a fantastic way of sharing valuable content with your followers, constantly giving them a reason to come back. By providing this regular value, you are already placing yourself in a position of trust and authority, and this is part of the bedrock of turning followers into customers.

(Caveat: So they get to know you and trust you, but don’t forget to make sure they like you. People transact with people they know, like, and trust.)

“Guest Blogging,” by extension, is where you go beyond your own blog and post on someone else’s. (This is also called “guest posting.”)

The Mutual Benefit from Guest Blogging

The benefit to them? They get rich, valuable content that they can share with their followers.

The benefit to you? You gain access to a whole new audience. If the content you provide is viewed as particularly valuable to someone at that moment (or over time if you guest blog for a particular blogger more than once), that reader will follow you on your own blog.

In this way, guest posting is a fantastic way to target an interested audience that you might not otherwise have had access to.

How do you Become a Guest Blogger?

So how can you land a guest post? You can do it quite simply, by going about the proposition in the right way.

1)   Identify an existing blog where you would like to submit a guest post. You should identify blogs related to your field of expertise and at your peer. You should be targeting blogs that are already aimed at your market.

2)   Follow, Like, Comment, Share. Just like on social media, you will want to cultivate the relationship rather than spamming them and hitting them up with a request to do something for you. Therefore, follow, like, comment on and share content from the blog you wish to post on to build good will and stand out.

3)   When making contact with the blog’s host, do so professionally. Such professional and polite contact includes asking whether it would be appropriate to submit a proposal. In your proposal, explain why you’d like to be a guest blogger, including the benefit to both parties, and, most importantly, what it is you are offering.

4)   Ideally, you will come up with a brilliant or unique idea to blog about. This isn’t really necessary to become a guest blogger, but it would position you such that bloggers would be begging for the right to have you as a guest blogger and post your content.

Content marketing is not for everyone, and guest posting can be a daunting prospect. However, if you are truly confident that you can offer real value to your audience, then guest posting makes a lot of sense as a strategy. Trust yourself, and don’t sell yourself short if you believe you can provide valuable and insightful content.

It may take a while to get that first guest post accepted, but you only need one to start building a reputation. Good luck!

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