Ludovica Villar-Hauser
Director of Off-Broadway show, Final Analysis
President of VH Theatrical Development Foundation

As supporting producer, Roberto Ragone demonstrated nothing less than an old school work ethic in the amount, intensity, and range of work he carried out for the 2013 Off-Broadway production of Otho Eskin’s award-winning FINAL ANALYSIS. Roberto is always ready and willing to take initiative, whether it be in script analysis, researching grants, soliciting sponsors, mobilizing donors, or proposing and executing marketing strategies. His outreach helped us make our incredible goal of $50,000 on the FINAL ANALYSIS Kickstarter campaign. Roberto is also wonderful at finding and keeping track of opportunities for resources. His positive energy and self-motivation is contagious. For anyone putting a production team together, Roberto Ragone would be a wonderful asset to your team. He certainly was to ours!