Michael Abraham
Owner/Mediator at Bluegrass Mediation

Roberto Ragone is a dynamo when it comes to brainstorming. He was instrumental in helping me to strategically organize a plan to further my mediation practice. He helped me think through the demographics of my ideal client and the array of circumstances where my services could add value. He also helped me streamline my thinking about how to strengthen service delivery to my clients. Roberto and I were then able to put this into a framework for broadening entrepreneurial opportunities for my business. He advised on how the value I offer could translate into immediate, short term transactions with long-term residual income.
A conversation with Roberto is like setting building blocks towards a solid foundation not only for the structure of your business but also the principles and procedures for which you want your business to be known. He is committed to helping you take all factors (from the basic to the complex) for growing your business into account. I recommend Roberto to be a sounding board for the preliminary work that sets the stage for the next level of growth in your company.