The Usefulness of Customer Surveys

Customer surveys have long been used by companies as a way of gauging popular reaction to their products, their actions or their reputation. However, the reality is that small businesses and marketers often don’t realize the real value in surveys. Surveys give you an insight into the minds of your customers. Doesn’t that seem like a source of information that you should tap into?

Customer feedback is at the heart of most successful marketing campaigns. Feedback allows you to understand what is important to your customers, what is not important to them, and what they really need from your products or services. In the past, customer surveys were restricted to those who could afford the cost of setting up, administering, and analyzing the results of any surveys. However, recent technological developments mean that access to customer surveys has never been simpler.

New Opportunities to Conduct Surveys Because of Technology

These technological developments allow marketers to conduct thorough customer feedback surveys in ways they never could before. Up until recently, if you wanted to gauge customer feedback, you needed a physical store and physical survey forms. Customers had to be convinced to complete the survey after making a purchase in store, and all that data had to be collated and analyzed. This process is not only restrictive, but costly to administer.

With the dawn of easy to use online survey companies, marketers for a business have been offered near instant access to cheap software that allows them create their own surveys. These platforms collate responses and provide instant feedback, enabling marketers to see real time data on their performance. This is a huge step forward for those that cannot rely on a bricks and mortar store for their foot traffic.

However, what about the bricks and mortar stores? They still need and want their customers to complete surveys, but the simple advancement of online survey software may do little to improve their in house surveying process, particularly if the best time to get feedback from customers is at the point of sale. However, for online purchases, a survey can be conducted with a simple link on the receipt page. For bricks and mortar stores, the approach is to give the customer a survey link to complete at a later time. Such surveys may be useful for reviewing a customer’s shopping experience and views of prior product, and reasons for their most immediate purchase.

Social Media, Mobile Technology, Surveys, and Instant Information – Customer as King

Most recently, some survey companies like Customerville have managed to combine the benefits of online survey software with the advent of personal mobile technology. For the small investment cost of a tablet computer and a survey kiosk, bricks and mortar stores can get instant customer feedback on their performance, and have that data tracked and collated without additional manual costs.

While many businesses or marketers might consider these developments irrelevant to their needs or plans, there is a very real trend emerging in most marketplaces. Social media is leading to an increasingly empowered consumer. While businesses have, in the past, been able to dictate to the market what they want the customer to purchase, the current reality is that the customer now dictates what the business provides.

Knowing In Advance What Product and Service the Customer Wants

This has already resulted in more businesses and marketers paying more attention to what their customer wants.  This is a trend that is only going to become more prevalent. In fact, some marketers are designing and executing “pre-sell formulas.”

This involves “listening” to your customers and, as much as possible, be proactive in your interactions with them, and, consequently, in your design and execution of products and services.

You do this by utilizing customer surveys, and recognizing the power they provide you. They can be the difference between flopping based on blind speculation and direction and focus, luckily getting by from guessing what they want, and succeeding through a comprehensive understanding of what they are looking for.

(Besides surveys, you can use other other complementary communication strategies such as webinars and email campaigns.)

You can set up a survey using a free tool tool called Survey Monkey, but once you have that set up you’ll  need traffic!

The best way to send traffic to your survey is by using the traffic tactics laid out for you, step by step, in the Traffic Blackbook System.

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