Anyone who says that there is one silver bullet – one secret sales technique that will work on every single prospective customer is lying.

People are motivated by different needs that are entirely dependent on their base requirements at any given time. For some people, that may revolve around their need to stay connected with their friends. For others, it might be ensuring the most reliable method of getting to work every day. For others, it might be the need for hope – the need for potential in their future.

However, that being said, there are several emotional triggers that can often reverberate with a high percentage of potential customers. Tapping in to these triggers can make the difference between making a sale and not.

When many people think of emotional triggers, they think exclusively of their sales letter. The reality is that every stage of your sales process, from a basic auto-responder email to generic marketing material can all heavily influence your prospects. Let’s look at just three of these basic emotional triggers and see how they can help you make more sales.

1) The Need for Security

There are few people that go through life without ever having to worry about their future. The security of having a roof over your head, a way of getting to work, of having a way of earning money. These kinds of security issues trigger a large proportion of buyers, particularly online buyers.

By positioning your product in such a way that it can provide current or future security to your buyers, you can tap in to this base emotional need for personal security, shelter and comfort.

All too often, sellers and marketers sell their product short. This is not to say that they don’t push the benefits or desired outcomes, but that they push them in the wrong way. Always keep in mind that people want to have security in their life. If your product can offer them this security, you are half way there to making a sale.

2) The Need for Relationships

The need for relationships is one that is regularly misunderstood. When people hear relationships, they may equate it with sex. As a result, many products are marketed as having sex appeal, when their real benefit pertains to relationship- building and not specifically sexual activity.

People typically have far more non-sexual relationships in their life than sexual ones. These  non-sexual relationships make up the foundation of a person’s daily life. This includes relationships with friends, family, strangers, their own prospective customers,  bosses, or peers;  Positioning your product in such a way that it can promote, augment, or improve a buyer’s relationships with any of these groups can massively improve sales.

3) The Need to Make Money

It should go without saying, but the need to make money or increase wealth is a primary driver in many decision making processes. People buy products because they meet a specific need, or because the product can offer them future benefits or desired outcomes. In many instances, those future benefits are money-driven.

Buyers don’t want to be told that a product is going to make them a millionaire in a week – their expectations of a product will be automatically dampened when outrageous and probably fictitious claims are associated with it. However, if a product explains how it can genuinely and legitimately boost a buyer’s income, it can act as a huge motivator to buy.


At all times throughout the marketing and sales process, you must always consider your prospective buyers. What will motivate them to buy your product? What do they hope to get out of your product? What is their ultimate goal in buying your product? If you can keep this in mind, you will often find that your buyer’s motivation can be traced back to one of the above 3 factors. Trigger these emotional needs and you can trigger an increase in your sales.

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