Media Appearances of Roberto Ragone

Roberto Ragone:  Consultant / Strategist / Entrepreneur

An Interview with Cultural Consultant, Roberto Ragone  Life in a New World: Interview with Roberto Ragone on Arts and Heritage as Lucrative Propositions.

Roberto Ragone

Arts and Heritage as Lucrative Propositions by Tiziana Rinaldi. Roberto Ragone, the owner and president of Ragone Enterprises and Productions visited the set of Life in A New World to discuss embracing the arts and America’s immigrant narrative to turn a profit and make a difference.

A graduate of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and a former director of two Business Improvement Districts in New York City, Ragone integrated the appreciation of his own Italian American legacy to launch the enterprise. Find out more on REaP’s Facebook Page.

By Tiziana Rinaldi

Roberto Ragone: Panelist / Activist / Actor

Video with Roberto Ragone voice over promoting the 60th Anniversary commemoration of the death of Vito Marcantonio on August 9, 2014.  Vito Marcantonio (1902-1954): A Synopsis of A Large Life –

Hunter College promotion poster of  event consponsored by Center for Puerto Rican Studies and Vito Marcantonio Forum about Congressman Marcantonio’s relationship to the Puerto Rican community.