The days of reciprocal links with irrelevant sites are long gone. Today search engines (and by search engines you know we mean “Google Search”) require that the links to your site and from your site be authorities to be worth anything.

Okay, so…

What Makes a Website Link-Worthy?

  1. Your Website Needs Useful, Informative, Accurate, Reliable and Promoted Content

Don’t put filler content on your website. Every bit of content should be useful, informative and accurate. In addition, it’s important that your audience knows that the content is reliable in terms of well-written and well-researched pieces.

It’s also important that you promote every last bit of content that you put on your site. If you’re not proud enough of your content to promote it, why would anyone else be linking to you?

2.  Your Website Should Be Up-to-Date with Technology

Mobile friendly was the buzz word a year or two ago; now the phrase is “responsive design”. A website designed responsively will work well on any device. Nothing is worse than trying to link to a shared article and find out that you cannot comfortably read it on your smartphone or iPad.

Convert all online real-estate to responsive designed sites and you’ll become that much more link-worthy to relevant sites. Also, pay attention to all the technical elements of your site so that your website always stays up to date in terms of what your audience expects technology-wise.

3. Your Website Should Look the Part.

This pertains to the design of your site. If you have’t changed your site since the 90s, then it’s time to make that change. There exists many different formats today for a website. Gone are the typical banner at the top and two side bars. Sites are now much more dynamic in appearance.

Thankfully, with software like self-hosted WordPress, you too can have a seriously competitive up-to-date and great-looking website that won’t blind visitors with special effects or appear old-fashioned.

Substance matters more than form. Reader-friendly content and user-friendly navigation matter more than colors and flash.

Incidentally, the so-called bells and whistles in a website’s overly fancy appearance can also slow down the uploading of the site, which can also be a turn off for people who want to get in and learn as quickly as possible what your website is all about (i.e. content).

4. Your Website Should Speak Directly to Your Audience.

Outside of the look and feel of your website and your content, you need to be sure that everything speaks directly to your own audience. Don’t try to just appeal to website owners for getting links. Appeal to your audience instead.

You should be able to create very detailed personas of your audience (e.g. ideal customer profiles; avatars). You will be creating and curating content for these personas. You want your website to be the “one-stop shop” for anyone who needs information on your niche.

By becoming the most authoritative site that you can for your niche as well as looking the part with an up-to-date website, you’ll certainly become more link-worthy.

But, it’s most important to remember that you should always speak directly to your audience in terms of the look and feel of your site, and the content that you put on it.

These comprise the essence of your personal brand or the brand of your business or nonprofit through your website.

By taking these steps to brand your website, you will become very link-worthy much sooner rather than later.

The easiest way to get a responsive website is to simply use a responsive WordPress theme. Responsive websites look better and can increase “conversions” (i.e. transactions or other responses to your calls to action).

One way of getting a responsive WordPress them is by clicking here and checking out Thrive Themes.

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