What Google Wanted Versus What it Rewarded (At First)

For many years, Google has been quite firm in the way it advocated marketers should build their websites for ranking purposes. The message has always been simple and straight-forward; provide rich, value adding content written for users, not algorithms, and build legitimate links to your site.

However, for quite some time, the reality was quite different from what Google stated as ideal. The quality of a website’s content often came secondary to other requirements for ranking highly.

Spammy Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was more rewarded than serious SEO.

If you wanted to rank your webpage, chances are you did whatever would give you results quickly. That meant spending hours creating backlinks, pouring over your anchor texts and keywords to make sure they matched the terms you were trying to rank highly for, and generally ignoring everything Google said.

These techniques worked, no matter how much Google slammed them. This was often to the detriment of the end user and those who wanted to diligently provide substantive content.

Google Then Backs What It Says: Rewards Content and Serious SEO

Thankfully, that is all changing. We appear to finally be at a time where these valueless practices no longer generate results. On the contrary, those that have spent their time going about building their sites the hard way are finally reaping their rewards. Many have taken this as bad news, as their old ways of doing things no longer work, but in reality we should all be delighted with this development.

SEO is now more basic than it has ever been. That doesn’t mean it’s easier, but it absolutely does mean that it’s better. Those quick wins and SEO tricks that could sneak a poor page high up the rankings are becoming less and less effective, while pages and websites that provide compelling and relevant content are ranking higher than ever.

Google is now also taking social media into account. If your page is generating attention on social media, it stands an excellent chance of ranking highly, and doing so fast. Google wants to show pages that people are interested in, and prioritizing content that is creating a buzz is at the core of their principles.

So why is that good news for marketers and webmasters? Well, quite simply, it means that you can stop wasting time on SEO tricks that do nothing for your visitors, and spend that time instead creating valuable, informative content that will actually attract legitimate visitors!

Imagine if you could take all that wasted time spent on hidden SEO that your end user never sees, and spend it on researching and creating more content that will have them coming back for more. Wouldn’t that be preferable?

Now, this is not to say that SEO is dead; far from it. However, what it does mean is that Google is not so easily fooled by spammy techniques any more.

If your page offers superior content to your rivals, you already have one foot in the door.

SEO is still a vital element of any successful online business. It can still play a dramatic role in your success, but a more nuanced one than the cookie-cutter character of prior SEO strategies. So while it can sometimes be front and centre, your content is the now the star of the show, including keywords organic to the writing.

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